Thanks for following this blog for 8 years. Yahoo! finance has disallowed embedding of it's charts on blogs or websites. But this should not be the end of the road...

I would recommend going to and helping yourself with charts. The symbol code for Nifty is NSEI and for BankNifty it's NSEBANK. Those who could devote a little time to learning a new indicator could try Ichimokou Clouds with the settings 19, 57, 114, 37 (Conversion Line = 19, Base Line = 57, Lagging Span2 periods = 114, Displacement = 37). For other softwares/portals the setting is Tenkan Sen = 19 periods, Kijun Sen = 57, Senkou Span B = 114 periods, Chikou Span = 37 periods.

You could use these settings for all charts, for any time frame. Same settings could be used for all stocks and commodities.

A clear buy signal occurs when Kijun Sen moves above the clouds. Trade in Options that expire next month (Mid Month). Keep doubling your capital every 6 months.

May God Bless You and show you the straight path.



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